A new normal

Along with the changing seasons, changing politics, and changing COVID numbers, we often try to seek the “new normal”. It’s tough to say what exactly that looks like, at least at the start of things.

For now, we’ve found a new normal setting up shop at the Bethesda Central Farmer’s Market. This market has been around for a very long time and continues to be one of the most successful in Maryland. We at White Flint Creations are happy to be a part of it.

What does this new normal entail? Well, it means I get a chance to show off my craft to a larger audience. I get to bring my forging set up and do a little bit of work for the viewing pleasure of the market attendees. It means I finally have a venue to sell my creations beyond the stress of getting the algorithm right in social media. It means I have the opportunity to get the word out about our growing small business, with the hope of stirring up enough business to keep us going.

While all that sounds great, this new normal, like any other, comes with its costs as well. It means I get up well before dawn to pack the car until it’s busting at the seams. I now get to work most of the day that most people spend with their family and watch sports. I get the stress of a sales job, an artist, and a performer all wrapped into one. I get the stress of having something I put my heart into scrutinized by the public, as I watch them debate if my work is “worth it” or not.

But what is it all worth at the end of the day? It’s worth it to me knowing that I get to express myself and create things that are uniquely mine. It’s worth the smiles on the customers’ faces when they find that gift for a loved one that is “just perfect”. It’s worth it knowing that I get to watch children drag their parents over, just to see my art in action.

Will this be the “new normal” for long? Time will tell. That being said, there is a huge series of changes around the corner that are sure to shake things up again. If you haven’t done so already, head over to Blacksmithing Classes and check out what’s to come.

Hint: I get to teach again, but this will be a classroom unlike any other!

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