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Drew Buckingham

Drew Buckingham is a maker of all sorts. He loves to take on new and sometimes crazy projects to build and create unique items and tools. He has built everything from a catapult to a 3D printer.

Drew was a High School Physics and Engineering teacher. He earned his Bachelor’s in Physics Education from UMBC in 2014 and has been teaching ever since. Drew spent 3 years teaching middle school robotics and engineering, and developed a curriculum built around 3D printing. He then become a 3D printing specialist in his school and county, focusing on effective implementation of 3D printers in the classroom.

In 2017, Drew moved to teaching High School. There he taught Physics to all levels of students. In 2020, he started Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), a Project Lead The Way Engineering course. This course focuses on how things are made- combining aspects of Engineering, Programming, and Robotics to understand the modern manufacturing process.

Drew has been practicing the skills of a blacksmith since 2018. He enjoys the “hot work” the most; working with a hammer, anvil, and a variety of tools that he custom makes for a task. He is almost entirely self-taught, learning from blacksmithing textbooks and the online community.

Drew is also a lifelong rock climber, and spent almost 10 years teaching rock climbing in various settings.

Drew is happily married to his lovely wife Sarah; they enjoy all of life’s adventures together. They have one daughter, Kaia, and two “fur babies”, Seneca and Belle; an American Staffordshire Terrier and a Greyhound-Saluki mix. Sarah and Drew love to spend time with their babies, both outdoors on adventures and on the couch for a good snuggle.

Brendan Gregory

Brendan is the owner of White Flint Creations.

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