Camping on the Riverbanks

If COVID has taught me anything, it’s how much I miss the little moments that leave lasting memories, like camping and hanging out with friends on the riverbank. Sometimes we happened to be climbing nearby and needed a dip, other times we were there for the river itself. These memories of skipping stones and knockingContinue reading “Camping on the Riverbanks”

Mixed Media from Buckingham Creations

It’s really nice to see a project come together, especially when you’ve put a lot of work into it. This feeling is even more special when you’ve taken the product full circle- from truly raw materials to a finished product- all by your own hands. I am especially happy to present the first of ourContinue reading “Mixed Media from Buckingham Creations”

Restoring a piece of history: 1910’s Columbian Hardware Post Vise

I was lucky enough to acquire a unique piece of history, a Columbian Hardware post vise from the mid-1910’s. Definitely in need of a little care, but overall in great shape for having sat in a barn for almost 60 years… After taking apart the vise, stripping all of the rust, repainting, and greasing theContinue reading “Restoring a piece of history: 1910’s Columbian Hardware Post Vise”