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Class Progression

Coil Spring Kiridashi (3-4 hour single session OR 2 x 2 hours broken session) $200

A perfect introduction to bladesmithing.  In this class, we will transform a piece of coil spring into a small utility knife.  We will start from blanks and forge in the blade, handle, and even heat treat the knife. Following the heat treatment, students will get an introduction to the belt grinder and have a chance to further refine their knives.  If time allows, knives will be rough-finished in the shop under the guidance of the instructor or finished at home. 

Railroad Spike Fixed Blade (4-5 hours OR 2 x 2.5 hours broken session) $250

The second step of the bladesmithing progression is in your first railroad spike knife.  This classic project will have the student draw out their blade, shape the point, bevel the blade, and heat treat the knife. If time allows, knives can be finished in the shop under the guidance of the instructor or finished at home.

Railroad Spike Tomahawk (5-6 hours OR 2 x 3 hours broken session) $300

On the next step to bladesmithing mastery, learn how to punch and drift the eye of a tomahawk!  This project will challenge your hammer control with both powerful and delicate strikes.  If time allows, tomahawks can be finished in the shop under the guidance of the instructor or finished by hand at home. Students will be supplied with a handle ready to hang the tomahawk on.

EDC Fixed Blade (6-8 hours OR 2 x 3 hours broken session ) $400

In the ultimate class of our bladesmithing progression, we will start with rectangular stock and forge a one-of-a-kind full tang fixed blade knife.  This full-length build class will take you from raw steel to a finished knife, all under the guidance of an experienced instructor.  Students will have a variety of handle materials to choose from.

Let’s build something great together.

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