Blacksmithing Classes

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Forge your way in steel with our unique Blacksmithing program.

photo by Kim Keller

All classes at White Flint Creations are reserved as Private, 1-on-1 Instruction. This gives you the best opportunity to gain as much skill and knowledge as possible. If you’d like to bring a friend, please leave a note when booking so we can prepare. There will be a $50 “Friend Fee” due at the beginning of your class.

Skills Lessons

The class progressions, Fundamentals of Blacksmithing and Becoming a Bladesmith are meant to be taken in order, as skills in each class build upon each other. These classes build upon each other and move with increasing speed as classes progress. Classes may be altered at the Instructor’s discretion to best fit the student’s needs.  This differentiation is crucial to the student’s well-being and success in the project at hand.

All participants must be aged 12 or older.

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Fundamentals of Blacksmithing

$150-225 Single Class

$900 Five-Class Package (must buy all five classes together)

  1. Introduction to Forging
  2. Bend metal to your will
  3. Beat metal into submission
  4. Cut metal with precision
  5. Punch metal with holes 

The Fundamentals series of classes build a foundation of blacksmithing skills including how to properly use a hammer and anvil, how to move metal to the shapes that you want, and how to use a variety of tools, all with a focus on proper technique. 

Becoming a Bladesmith

$200-$400 Single Class

$1000 Complete Bladesmith Package (must buy all four complete classes together)

  1. Coil Spring Kiridashi
  2. Railroad Spike Fixed Blade
  3. Railroad Spike Tomahawk (if you’ve taken fundamentals)
    Blacksmith’s File Knife
  4. EDC Fixed Blade, full tang handle

This series of classes focuses much more on modern bladesmithing and should be taken after completing the Fundamentals of Blacksmithing.  In these classes, students will apply multiple techniques from the Foundations classes to forge, heat treat, and grind a finished blade. These classes are longer than the Fundamentals, and as such can be taken as a one or a two-day class.