Class Expectations…

So you’re interested in a class, but want to know more? Here are some general guidelines and expectations for all of our classes.


We strive to make sure everyone enjoys themselves, but safety is always first.

In order for us to give you the best possible experience, we put safety first and foremost. Working with heavy machinery or hot metal is inherently very dangerous and unforgiving of accidents. Please read the following rules for ALL CLASSES.

  1. Proper PPE must be worn at all times on the shop floor. This ALWAYS includes:
    • Protective Eyewear
    • Closed Toed Shoes
  2. Certain activities, mainly blacksmithing and welding, require additional PPE. Stay away from synthetic materials like polyester!!! Cotton, wool, or hemp fabrics work great. Whenever participating in these activities, the following ADDITIONAL PPE must be worn:
    • Full length, non-synthetic pants. There should be no skin showing on your legs, as it is prone to getting burned. Jeans are perfect.
    • Non-synthetic shirt. If you choose to wear short sleeves, your forearms may get burned. If that sounds unpleasant, wear a long sleeve shirt.
    • Leather/kevlar gloves when appropriate
  3. No Running in the shop. Ever.
  4. No horseplay in the shop. Ever.
  5. Anyone who cannot conduct themselves in a safe manner will be warned once, and asked to leave the second time.

By the end of each class, students will…

  • Hit a hammer on hot steel
  • Create a finish ready* project from steel
  • Learn about a variety of techniques to move metal
  • Practice good form and improve their swing

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