Island Dreams

We here at Buckingham Creations have been working hard to bring you another mixed media creation that has had us dreaming of our honeymoon and our time SCUBA diving in our travels.

The thing that always stood out to me during our travels in the tropics was just how clear the ocean can be. The massive depths of the ocean almost seem surreal from the surface, as if you could reach out and touch the landscape that is often fathoms below. We set out to create that unique effect in a table.

We choose to try something completely new with this one, and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. We are happy to present our Islands Table.

This completely unique end table features three live-edge end-grain cuts of Elm surrounded by a swirling opaque bottom and transparent top of over 3 gallons of epoxy! The table is mounted on a hidden frame with hairpin legs made of rebar.

This table was a special challenge in so many different ways. From the first cuts of wood to the final coats of epoxy, this one really challenged us every step.

It was a special pleasure to make this table for a close family friend and even better to see the table in it’s forever home and how excited the new owners are with it.

We are incredibly lucky to get the opportunity to continue to create and express ourselves, and want to send a special thanks to Alex, Phillippe, & Orly for this one.

Interested in owning your own? Contact Us for any inquiries!

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