On to new adventures

As summer wraps up, a new school year is just beginning for most of my family and friends. This is the first time I won’t be following in those footsteps, and to be honest- it’s bittersweet.

I couldn’t be more excited for the new beginnings, but I’ll miss the enthusiasm and energy of working with kids as closely as I have for all these years. There will always be a special place in my heart for teaching, and I hope to find new avenues for passing on my knowledge in the future. I *might* have even had a lump in my throat passing by the torrent of high schoolers on their way to class.

The next adventure awaiting comes in the form of a brand new business venture, one where I can stretch my wings and attempt to follow my dreams.

White Flint Creations (working name) will be many things, but we intend to focus on two main objectives:

1. Produce one-of-a-kind custom art and functional parts with our own flair. Expect to see River tables, knives, edge tools, ironwork, custom automotive parts, and beyond.

2. Start a makerspace centered around metalworking and CNC manufacturing. We plan to feature classes on blacksmithing, knife making, welding, casting, CNC manufacturing, and more. A makerspace is a place where the public can use big/expensive tools to work on their own projects, under the supervision of an expert. Think of it like a gym for DIY’ers.

White Flint Creations will be my route to express all of the creativity you’ve come to expect. While there is still a long way to go before we can open our doors, keep your eyes peeled for more artistic awesomeness!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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