Practice Sessions

Looking to get some practice in with the techniques you learned in class?

Feel like you “didn’t get the hang of it” and want to try again?

Come back to the shop and use any of the tools you have used in class, including the forge, anvil, hammers, hand tools, and more, all under the supervision of an instructor. Practice sessions are designed to be time for you to swing a hammer on your own and refine your skills.

This would also be an appropriate time to work on personal projects outside the bounds of a typical class. Please bring your own steel if you plan on forging a project not covered in class.

Practice Session Rules and Requirements

  • All participants must have taken at least one Fundamentals or Bladesmithing class at White Flint Creations prior to the practice session.
  • Minimum 2-hour reservation required.
  • A session is good for two people working together, MAX. You and your friend who came to the class?
  • An instructor will be supervising you; they will not be instructing. Please have a plan for your time before you arrive.
  • Please arrive 5-minutes early, the forge will be hot and ready to use at the start of your reservation.
  • All participants under 16 MUST have a guardian in the shop with them.
  • As always, appropriate PPE must be worn.


One set of appropriate project supplies is available for each student, in each session. This set includes the same stock you used in class.

More steel can be purchased from WFC, but additional metal availability is not guaranteed. Anyone wishing to complete a project besides those learned in class should be prepared to supply their own material. If you need help sourcing materials, feel free to contact us.

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