Project Classes

Project Classes can be completed after a smith has taken the respective fundamentals course of at least the same level. They are optional and are a chance to practice your skills and concepts with an instructor.

Shorty classes are designed around slightly smaller/shorter projects, but should not be taken lightly! These classes are just as technical and demanding as the rest.

LevelProject 1Project 2ShortyPrice($)
Blacksmith ExperienceHook Bottle OpenerLetter OpenerSwirligig165
Fundamentals 1Horseshoe HookCeltic BroachClover Hook175
Fundamentals 2SpoonRussian RoseTP Rack200
Fundamentals 3Heart Wall HookHorse 2-Armed HookDragon Pendant200
Fundamentals 4
(All Bottle openers or keychains)
HorseRail spikeFlat Bar200

Pricing for single classes is done by level.

Three Project Packages are available;

  1. Level-Up Package
    • Includes all three projects of a particular level.
    • $450 Blacksmith Experience, $500 Fundamentals 1, $550 Fundamentals 2-4
  2. One More Time Package
    • Includes one project from each level.
    • Each project Must be taken after the appropriate level fundamental.
    • $850
  3. The Project Mega Package
    • Includes All Projects for all Levels.
    • Includes 6 hours of extra project time if you run over some.
    • $2500

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