Restoring a piece of history: 1910’s Columbian Hardware Post Vise

I was lucky enough to acquire a unique piece of history, a Columbian Hardware post vise from the mid-1910’s. Definitely in need of a little care, but overall in great shape for having sat in a barn for almost 60 years…

After taking apart the vise, stripping all of the rust, repainting, and greasing the vice, it was finally ready to get mounted and put back in service once again.

Blacksmithing supplies and tools can be hard to come by these days. A huge amount of the once abundant tools of a blacksmith (anvils, post vises, and other solid steel tools) were melted down and recycled during WWII for the war effort on all sides. Some of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s blacksmithing tools that were lucky enough to survive the test of time are considered to be some of the best to ever be produced- most better than modern mass-produced cast “pot” steel, unless you want to pay a hefty price for high-tech quality alloys.

Still going strong at +100 years old, this beast is a perfect fit in the shop.

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