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White Flint Creations Wood Club (WFC-WC)

Welcome to the WFC-WC home page.  The WC will be a members-only facility that will feature professional level equipment for use by woodworkers of all abilities.  Our goal is to establish a friendly, supportive environment where members use best safety practices in a community workshop.   To this end, shop operations are being established by experienced woodworkers who will be members, and our goal is provide the tools that you need to succeed in your creative endeavors.

Target DATE for the grand opening of the WFC-WC:   November 2023

*** To receive future updates of our progress and other information about the woodshop, please submit an email to:

We are pleased to announce that Montgomery County issued a permit to WFC so we can begin to construct the space and  purchase equipment.  

The WFC Wood Club (WC) 

The WFC-WC (the Club) will be a members-only shop with professional quality equipment including a jointer, a planer, two table saws (SawStops – one set up as a dado), band saws, miter saw, disk sanders, belt sander (6″ x 48″), hand-held router, router table with fixed router, drill press, a CNC machine, and 3D printers.  A variety of the high  quality hand-held power tools (e.g. Festool) will include sanders and domino joiners. In addition, some specialty equipment, which an individual in a home shop may only use once or twice, will be available.

Woodworkers have many techniques and approaches, so a community-based shop has advantages over the solitary home shop.  Besides the professional equipment and space, we have found that experienced woodworkers generously share knowledge and advice.  Also, the blacksmith and metal shop capability within WFC will provide additional tools and new horizons for woodworkers.

The Club will open with members advising us in designing the operations, purchasing equipment, monitoring the workflow, developing member responsibilities, examining member suggestions, and providing guidance for overall operation of the club.  To begin, we recruited a small working group of experienced woodworkers as our advisory group.  We will maintain this advisory group after opening, and membership will be for a specific term (to be determined).   We look forward to meeting and knowing our members, and for members to know one another, and your input – especially as we begin – will be important for us to develop and maintain a club that meets the needs of our members.   

Overall, the WFC has about 4,000 sq. ft. of space, and the wood shop occupies about 2/3 of the area.  When you enter WFC, you will arrive in a sound-reduced room which will serve as an office/lounge area that includes a kitchen and seating.  The lounge is isolated from the noise of the shops so members can relax, or spend time designing, learning, and collaborating. 

Progress on the Buildout

Now that the permit has been issued, we intend to complete the build out over the next couple of months.  We are committed to providing a safe, clean environment for wood and metal workers.   New HVAC equipment, proper exhaust, dust collection systems, a new sprinkler system, electrical upgrades, and an isolated, vented, finishing room. 

Opening Date? 

Since we just received the building permit, it is too soon to give a specific date for opening.  At this time, we are targeting November 2023.

Thank you for your interest and your patience as we develop and build out this makers’ space, and please spread the word about WFC.  Interested individuals can join the distribution list by sending an email to: 

Thank you,

White Flint Creations Staff

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